This campsite project for one campsite in Russia, and total area 1730m2.otal 101sets 20ft container houses, and consist of

1.Domirory foe workers;

2.Dinning room and kitchen;

3.Domitory for engineers;

4.Meeting room; room.

3Dsketch pictures:

FInished pictures:

2. productive process:

1) Roof of container house:

       ----electrical cable in roof

    ---Steel keel for roof

  ---Insulation and ceiling for roof: 80mm fiber glass+OSB board+PVC ceiling

---Insulation for floor: 100mm thickness glass fiber

---Floor surface: Plywood board+1.5mm thickness PVC leather

3) Wall panel: 50~150mm thickness, rock wool, fiber glass, EPS or PU insulation

3. Package of container house