Export container House specifications, material and price

Face competition in the domestic container House sales market, export container House sale is smooth sailing, the market very well. Today, housing network will explain what search activity is export of container House, can export container House specifications, materials and prices.

Export container House and domestic container House the most important difference is that the disassembly and Assembly, have collapsed, it was invented to container ship for sea transport of high-tech achievements. Because it is a container transport by sea, so its size is different from the ordinary domestic containers, domestic container House almost 3 metres wide, 6 m long, 2.7 m high. The removable container House sizes to 2.435 m 2.590 m, length of 6.058 m high, from the appearance of less than domestic. In the course of transport, one out of every four containers will be packaged together. At the destination will be put together again.