Container House Army Camp

Container House Army Camp
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Container house Army Camp

Container house also can be used as army camp, flat pack container house, welding container house are available. We mainly introduce the flat pack container house.

Flat Pack Container House Army camp:

General introduction of army camp container hosue:

This kind of container house is convenient in lifting, fixing and compounding. The construction of the house enables its compounding in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits, also enables compounding of containers into 2 floors (ground floor + first floor), or 3 floors. The frame of container house is light steel structure, including floor, roof and four corner pillars. The building materials and its specific physical properties offer a comfortable indoor condition and suit to various purposes. And all the materials that used are environmental friendly.

Dimensions and Weight of army camp container house:

20ft container house    Inner length /external length :5.81m/6.058m

  Inner width /external width: 2.188m/2.438m

  Inner height/external height:2.591m/2.896m

  Weight: 2000kg per unit

40ft container house     Inner length /external length :11.9m/12.192m

  Inner width /external width: 2.188m/2.438m

  Inner height/external height:2.591m/2.896m

  Weight: 4000kg per unit

Steel framework of army camp container house:

Material: steel structure, steel material Q235

Surface working: sand blasting, epoxy basic painting 55 m, final vinyl acrylic painting 55 m thick

Fittings: 8 standard container corner model fittings PVC standard rainwater pipe

Forklift openings: size 100*250mm, distance is 1200mm

Floor of army camp container house:

External wainscot: Flat galvanized color steel sheet, 0.4mm thickness

Floor structure: Girder made of 4mm steel. The purlin is square tube dimension 60x40x1.5mm.

Warm proof Insulation layer: 100mm fiber glass insulation

Floor: 15mm thick plywood panel for general room; 20mm thick cement board for WC and kitchen

1.5mm PVC floor leather for living rooms floor

Permitted loading: 2.0KN/m2

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=1.1W/ m2K

Ceiling of army camp container house:


Roof exterior layer: 1.2mm stamping steel plate, epoxy painting

Warm proof insulation filling: 80mm rock wool between wooden purlins;

Inner ceiling: 8mm OSB board and 12 mm PVC board

Permitted live loading: 0.5 KN/m2

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.55W/ m2K

Roof water drain: 4 PVC rainwater pipes in the corner pillars, diameter 50mm

Walls of army camp container house:

Panel width: 1150mm; panel total thickness: 50~150mm, five panels fit into the long side and two panels fit into the short side.


External layer: Galvanized and painted (29 m) color steel sheet 0.5mm

Internal layer: Galvanized and painted (29 m) color steel sheet 0.5mm.

Warm proof insulation filling: 75mm EPS or rock wool or 50mm PU panel

Insulation density: EPS is 12kg/ m3; rock wool is 120kg/ m3; PU is 45kg/ m3

Permitted loading: 0.6KN/m2

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: K=0.442W/mk

Door of army camp container house:


External door: steel door dimension 850*2100mm, furnished   with a cylinder lock with 3keys.

Windows of army camp container house:

Window material: PVC, white color, dimension 1130*1000mm, glass thickness 5+9+5mm.

Loading & Transport of army camp container house:

1 Package: 4 in1 bundle; flat package loading as the pictures show bellow

2 Or 5sets 20ft container house in 40ft sea container;


Finished container house Army camp: Container house Army camp project in South Sudan for the United Nations