One Floor Light Steel Villa

One Floor Light Steel Villa
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Light steel villa-one floor light steel villa

One floor light steel villa is a kind of Green building:

One floor light steel villa is Energy Saving: The Wall and roof adopt new energy saving and environmental material, making a Completely closed weatherproof system, avoiding  Cold bridge  effect, small temperature changing, low heat conduction and prominent energy saving effect which can meet the updated China standard of over 65% energy-saving. When outside temperature is 0 ,indoor temperature could keep 17  at least, and when outdoor temperature reaches 30 ,indoor is still 21 . Compared with brick house, it can save money due to AC and energy charge, also can save power 30% at least from the AC energy expend in winter and summer, and the total embodied energy expends will save 30%.

One floor light steel villa is Environment Friendly: During construction, the mainly dry construction is used at working site, saving water. 100% steel frame material is recyclable, above 80% other material is recyclable, reduce the environment damage from material; Also CO2 emissions reduced 67% than brick house; Meeting energy-saving requirements of china government.

One floor light steel villa is saving floor space: The wall thickness of LGS steel structure building is only half of brick wall, so the usable floor area can reach 92%. Compared to the traditional brick, the floor area increases 10%. It s also with flexible partition and high utilization.

One floor light steel villa brings Great life for you:

One floor light steel villa is Anti-seismic: LGS steel construction uses triangle truss structure of cold-formed steel, its main wall use cold-formed steel as frame, bolting makes the house body tightly connected to the ground, with good ductility and anti-seismic performance. LGS steel construction’s seismic fortification is up to 9 degree, and steel structure house cause less damage in the earthquakes than other houses.

One floor light steel villa is Wind Resistant: Cold-formed light weight steel structure buildings adopt G550 high strength steel with good steel integrity and flexibility, which can resist 50m/s wind speed. Life and property will be well protected.

One floor light steel villa is Durable: Light steel structure house is all composed with cold-formed light steel structure parts which adopt galvanized/aluminum -zinc and anti-corrosion cold rolling steel plate. This can effectively avoid being rusted during the constructing and using of steel structure parts and increase the lifespan to more than 90 years.

One floor light steel villa has good Sound insulation property: The effect of sound insulation is an important indicator for the assessment of residential. Light steel system walls formed by light steel structure, insulation materials and fiber board have perfect sound insulation and shock absorption technology and meet the national standards for building sound insulation.

One floor light steel villa is Comfortable: Using energy efficient LGS steel wall system, respiratory function, it can adjust indoor air humidity. The roof with ventilation function, which can make the house internally over the formation of the flow of air, ensure that the roof ventilation and cooling of the internal demand. The light steel integrated housing span can up to 6 to 12 m to provide larger living space for residents, and can also be freely divided. The integrated light steel building materials are green environmental friendly, and keep healthy.

One floor light steel villa is Easy-quickly Construction: All materials can be completely produced in factory and installed at the construction site. It can not only reduce the intensity of on-site construction, but also improve the efficiency of construction and engineering quality. The residential environment can be built before the house and then house can be completely designed and manufactured in accordance with the demand of the buyers residential. The interior decoration can be finished one time through the overall design. Construction is high speed, short time, high efficiency, less impact from the seasonal all-weather construction. It takes 8 workers to finish 300 square meters villa. The construction time is only 2 months.

One floor light steel villa Characteristic:

Prefabricated and customized design

Easy construction, time, and labor saving

Fireproof, heat/cold-insulated, non-shrinking, enlarging work size and little pollutions

The wall and roof system combines several kinds of materials which can resist different kinds of weather

New building materials are environmental friendly and energy-conserving

Normally more than 70 years using lifespan

Fire resistant rating: 1 to 4 hours, we can design it according to your request

Exterior wall heat transfer coefficient: k = 0.417W/m

One floor light steel villa roof system:

One floor light steel villa wall system:

One floor light steel villa floor system: