Experts Debate How To Developing Steel Structure Residence

"If people like the Japanese cherish life, steel structure residential building promotion is not a problem. In Chengdu, many Japanese people to rent office space, first is the steel structure. In their view, the premise to ensure safety. The good news is that, the "5ยท12" after the Wenchuan earthquake, Chengdu people understand a simple truth: the House does not fall, no dead whatever the House, not of the dead. At present, in Chengdu, the seismic performance of steel building, security has been recognized. "This is the metal structure Association Liu Xingyuan in Chengdu, Sichuan province, held" steel structure residential seminar "on the impromptu speech.

Experts agreed that the seismic performance of steel building light weight, good, short, low cost, easy repair, recycling and reuse of materials, energy, land, water and the like have been social cognition, developing slowly due to the lack of policy support.