Steel Structure Housing Or Solve Overcapacity Crisis

Steel building in China accounted for less than 5% buildings, compared with developed countries, the future market is big.

Excess capacity, utilization, lower was China's iron and steel industry "ills". Recently, the China iron and steel Association (hereinafter the "Association") Secretary General Zhang Changfu outlined, at the end of 2012, about 976 million tons of crude steel capacity in China, combined with the production of the 717 million tons last year, namely, China's crude steel capacity utilization was only 73.4% last year.

So, how to solve the problem of excess steel production in China iron and steel industry? steel listed company Hangzhou Xiao Ganggou (600477 shares) the answer given is "green building to defuse embarrassing." The so-called green building, is in the building life-cycle to maximize resource conservation (energy, land, water, and materials), protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, appropriate and efficient use of space, architecture.

In January this year, the State Council to promote green building to "national strategy" specifically "Twelve-Five" during a new 1 billion square meters of green building, "Twelve-Five" end 20% of urban construction to meet green building standards. Urban and rural housing construction Qiu baoxing, has publicly predicted that by 2020, China for investment in energy-saving construction project of at least 1.5 trillion yuan.